All In A Good A Day's Play: The Weekend Edition.

This past weekend was a blur.

It all began Friday with a maddened trip into the valley to put a deposit down on a washer and dryer--finally! It took nearly all day, but we managed to frollic to a new valley park we had never foraged before and snuck over afterward to see an old friend that we hadn't seen in quite some time.

Saturday passed with a gray morning on the beach, followed by the unpacking of the last few boxes that were hiding in the back of the bedroom closet, all topped off with roasted chicken, heirloom potatoes, long beans and freshly squeezed lemonade.

Sunday buzzed by with an early afternoon at the Oxnard Strawberry Festival--where Noah slept nearly the entire time--despite the fact that Dean and I waited in line twice for the mini flying rockets just in the case that he'd wake before we left. All before zooming back into the valley to pick up the washer and dryer before sunset with the help of a super duper damsel devilishly disguised as a petite brunette named, Candice. Merci, mademoiselle York, Merci.

So far, today, Monday, has been super relaxing. Noah and I didn't get out of our pajamas until our evening bath. After which we put on some clean, fresh, new pajamas.

The Oxnard Strawberry Festival

Other snapshots from the weekend


I H e a r t Collages.

So, I still find myself with frightfully little time to sit down and write all about the adventures we have been having since the move almost a month ago now. And, we still have much to do--we are "moved in"--but still need to paint, hang shelves, buy odds and ends and get our outdoor spaces ready for summer. There are few visits from friends scheduled until late May when my dear little sis moves out this way and stops by for a nice long visit. So, I am hoping sometime between now and then that I am able to find myself with prolific fingers and a willingness to tinker on the keys, as well as, an urge to get the indoors picture perfect.

Until then, enjoy these collages chronicling our days with and without friends in and around our new home.

Going for a beach walk with friends after a Saturday afternoon birthday BBQ.

Whaling around at the Malibu Bluffs Park after story time.

Romping on the ranch before dinnertime with Asami, Kai & Pancake.

Noah + Owen = Double Trouble.

Noah HEARTS Pancake. And, I am pretty sure that Pancake loves him too.

Yoga, rock climbing and a little bubble blowing on Leo Carillo Beach.

Flowers picked fresh from the Ranch, a handmade Mother's Day greeting and breakfast in bed. My Mother's Day = perfection.


All In A Good A Day's Play: The Weekend Edition.

When time is too short to write, pictures speak a thousand words.

The weekend was busy and super productive--the place is beginning to look like home. With Dean back to work today after a long three-day weekend, Noah Finn and I have a bustling week ahead. Annaliisa and Owen are coming today to stay for a few days followed by a short little visit from Asami and Kai. We have storytime at the Bluffs on Thursday and hopefully another productive weekend to follow.

Though I have so much to say and tell, photos that we have been collecting over the last few days are going to have to explain it all for me, for now.

So, enjoy, and happy Monday!

Our first official meal--Garlic Grilled Shrimp With Corn & Potatoes: the recipe can be found on my Feeding Little Foodies blog at www.feedinglittlefoodies.com:

Pictures from some Friday and Sunday beachtime--Leo Carillo beach is the closest. It's 5 miles down the mountain from us. The road that we live just off of dead ends at its rocky shore:

Photos of some of our outdoor spaces and our dining room that has moved outdoors:


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