An Egg-tastically Homemade Holiday--And Other Easter Fun!

Half a dozen homemade crocheted eggs and hand-sewn mommy and baby felt bunnies for Noey's Easter basket. For the quick and easy egg pattern, visit this cute crafty site: "Easy Makes Me Happy".

Easter Friday at Thames Park.

Easter Saturday after the Children's Museum egg hunt.

Easter Papa at the bunny ear craft table.

This month has been a trying month no doubt. Turning 32 took a deep backseat to a quick stomach flu bout followed by the month-long influenza that I had been battling...which all proceeded two popped ribs. The pain of that, my fellow readers, rivaled that of natural, pain-med free, childbirth--no joke. It seems that a deadly combination of pregnancy (when women's bodies produce the hormone, relaxin, which naturally loosens the joints) and strenuous and rigorous bouts of yard work, yoga and nighttime coughing is what did the dirty work. Dean took the week off work to allow me rest and several chiropractor visits--my ribs are thankfully, thankfully on the mend.

But with with only a month or so now before our little bambinette arrives, there is little time to rest. I have so many crafting projects in the hopper before her arrival that the list extends to several pages of my notebook. Of these, I have at least finished a few of the Easter ones that I had in mind--sans the crocheted Easter basket for Noey, which will just have to wait until next year!

So far this holiday weekend has turned out to be lovely. We had been enduring continued wintry and blustery days of rain mixed with hail and flurries this week. But, tomorrow, Easter Sunday, it seems is forecasted to be sunny and warm. So, off we'll head for a third day of enjoying the great and fickle Canadian outdoors.

Hoppy Easter to All!


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