Seasons Of Change.

Peonies from the garden

Adjusting to the seasons here in Canada is not unlike adjusting to the birth of our new baby--sometimes it's simply pleasant, others it's darn right difficult. Coming from a place that had only one meteorological state of being--70 degrees and sunny--means that any season experienced here is more than we are used to. Throw in a super long, white and frigid winter, a delayed, humid and rainy spring and a super late summer (that of which from what I understand does not begin until July) and you throw us into a virtual seasonal tailspin.

We survived the heaps of snow, but I am not promising that we'll make it through the blooms of spring. Dean and I slather our peeling and chaffed noses in moisturizing cream nightly--seasonal allergies are driving us battier than our two and a half year old throwing himself on the ground in a fit of simultaneous devastation and rage for the fiftieth time of the hour. Trust me, I am talking real batty.

The question is, we survived winter with one child . . . will we survive the remainder of spring with two? While both spring and a new baby bring with them sweet and delicate little treats for the senses to indulge, it's the uncontrollable variables--like the pollen count and a toddler named big brother--that lead me to doubt my, our, ability to cope sanely.

What will the flowers of spring look like come summertime? Probably a lot like Dean and I will--withered, frail and a wee crispy around the edges. But, only time will tell. Only time will tell.


Happy Daddy Day--2011.

Our Father's Day weekend in pictures. Last year's Daddiness Day was spent in Malibu with only one wee tot. This year's in London, Ontario, with a real big boy and a real wee tot. Oh, how things can change in a single year.

Hope that yours was equally lovely. And a happy blog-belated Father's Day to my Dad, the most wonderful dad and Poppop anyone could ask for.


Welcome To The World, Fern Adele!

It's been almost a month since I last posted--but for good reason-- we've had the baby! Welcome to the world, Fern Adele!

So better late than never...here's the official post: Weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 inches long, our beautiful baby girl, Fern, was born at 12:49 p.m. on May 19th at our home and in the water under the loving care of an amazing team of midwives, doula and husband. My mom and Fern's big brother, Noah, were also present for the amazing occasion.

In short, the birth story is as follows . . .

I awoke to the "popping" sensation of my water breaking at 6:30 a.m. I showered and made blueberry banana walnut pancakes for the family. After we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, the morning passed quickly as mom and Dean filled the birthing pool while I walked around the house breathing through light contractions and helping to prepare our home for the birth. My doula and midwife arrived at noon just as the contractions were beginning to grow uncomfortable. Active labor quickly began and after only a short time of working through increasingly strong contractions on my hands and knees, I felt Fern bearing down. Following a quick exam that determined I was 10 cm dilated, I entered the birthing pool. 20 minutes or so later, Fern was gently born in the water on her own terms without so much as a push! It was an amazingly peaceful and beautiful experience.

I have so many pictures to share but just no time to comb through them right now. All in good time, all in good time.


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