Seasons Of Change.

Peonies from the garden

Adjusting to the seasons here in Canada is not unlike adjusting to the birth of our new baby--sometimes it's simply pleasant, others it's darn right difficult. Coming from a place that had only one meteorological state of being--70 degrees and sunny--means that any season experienced here is more than we are used to. Throw in a super long, white and frigid winter, a delayed, humid and rainy spring and a super late summer (that of which from what I understand does not begin until July) and you throw us into a virtual seasonal tailspin.

We survived the heaps of snow, but I am not promising that we'll make it through the blooms of spring. Dean and I slather our peeling and chaffed noses in moisturizing cream nightly--seasonal allergies are driving us battier than our two and a half year old throwing himself on the ground in a fit of simultaneous devastation and rage for the fiftieth time of the hour. Trust me, I am talking real batty.

The question is, we survived winter with one child . . . will we survive the remainder of spring with two? While both spring and a new baby bring with them sweet and delicate little treats for the senses to indulge, it's the uncontrollable variables--like the pollen count and a toddler named big brother--that lead me to doubt my, our, ability to cope sanely.

What will the flowers of spring look like come summertime? Probably a lot like Dean and I will--withered, frail and a wee crispy around the edges. But, only time will tell. Only time will tell.


Mrs.Strongarm said...

Hi, I met your hubby at the park a few weeks ago and he told me about your blog.

Fear not! You will get used to Ontario. At times it does feel like the allergen capital of the world, but allergy meds & neti pots help immensely. Your body will adjust over time too.

Well wishes from around the corner,


Anonymous said...

That was the wettest spring ever! Last year we started playing soccer at the end of April, and this year, we didn't play our first game or even practice until the middle of June. It was tough. Just get out as much as you can for the next three months! Have you ever visited the Childreach playroom on Maitland St.? It might be a good option for a rainy day or a wintry day. Heck it would be good for a fidget-y toddler any day.


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