There Was An Old Lady . . .

. . . who lived in a (Canadian) shoe.
She had so many children she didn't know what to do (okay, only two, but do two incredibly needy cats count?).
The pictures look cheery, but I feel oh-so-weary.
Oh, mothering two, both the hours and sanity are few.
My brain is mashed potatoes and the house is upside down so now I am deliriously bed-ward bound.


Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Cute pics of your babes!

I can't even imagine two. I'm finding one hard enough!


Mrs.Strongarm said...

You can get through! This may be a season in life where you have to let a few extra things go – and that's totally okay.

I have two and I found the first few months a challenge as well. But it gets better. A new rhythm will emerge for your family and you'll all be back to (the new) normal.

j o n i said...

Thanks for the words of thoughtful encouragement, Strongarm, I know you're right...

Amelia, it's tricky in some ways and not in others. The lack of time has been the trickiest part so far.



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