House On (Two) Kids: Before And After.



After--note the sleeping baby on far left of couch with an unfolded shirt as a blanket

Though I have never seen one, I am guessing that a brain on crack must look an awful lot like a house on kids.

Nearly 8 weeks into parenting two spells disaster for our homestead. Our cloth diaper pail overflow'eth with delightful poos near the basement door, unfolded laundry creates soft crinkled mountains on all available surfaces that aren't the floor, the dining room table sits littered with the remnants of past meals (inhaled, mind you, not eaten)--I could continue room-by-room in this fashion--spelling out the chaos that has been created and housework that has been neglected over the last two months--but I won't. And I will certainly spare you both details and a pictorial tour of the bathrooms.

I'll simply admit that a maid, or a re-visit from Omie, would be much appreciated right about now. Mom, if you're reading this (and not running in the opposite direction) . . . hint, hint, hint.


Jessica said...

Glad I'm not the only one with a house a little off from perfect! Also, have used a clean shirt of mine as a blanket. Out of curiosity, what kind of pail do you use for your cloth diapers? For Thor, I just used a bag but the smell wasn't pleasant in our laundry room. I'm thinking about buying a pail for Gunnar.

Cynthia said...

It gets better Joni! And believe me, I was definitely there...! Your post made me laugh out loud though, I so relate. :) I simply lowered my standards and just prioritized (putting away laundry was the first to go!) I alternate between bags of cloth diapers, fill one and hide it in the laundry room until it gets washed, while filling the next. That way it is tidied... in a sense. :) Good luck, I would definitely come do your dishes if I could, just to have the kids play together and chat with you... Miss you!

Mrs.Strongarm said...

TOTALLY NORMAL. Cynthia is right, you have to lower your standards for a few months (or a year, in my case). I found it helpful to wait until the kids go to bed and then tidy, instead of trying to do it multiple times per day. But whatever method you use, it won't be Martha Stewart clean for a while.

We're moving soon but if you want to get together with another mommy of two before September, I'm literally two blocks away. And I have herbal tea.

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Great post!

Love the pics. Our home looks something similar and we only have the one baby...I can't imagine what it's gonna look like when we have another!

have a good day.



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