about mama.

i am a mama of two who just moved from los angeles, california, a place i've called home for the last 10 years, to london, ontario, in canada.

as a stay-at-home mama with two english degrees (and college loans--oh, the irony),  i also love to write and the current fodder for my fingers is, of course, all-things-mommy with a few other miscellaneous tids and bits and rants and raves here and there.

Want More Mama?
i believe in parenting naturally and am a homemade baby food enthusiast and former teacher who has a passion for fresh organic produce. team this together with my love for writing and teaching and you get, Feeding Little Foodies, the little website behind a very big mission--to spread passion and knowledge about the benefits and ease of preparing fresh and wholesome food for your little family of foodies. please visit the website for my little mission at www.feedinglittlefoodies.com.

i also occasionally write for API Speaks, the Attachment Parenting Blog.

read my complete profile here.

welcome, to my milieu.


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