Noah's Fins.

We began swim lessons this month and this video documents the 4th class of the series thoughtfully filmed by our friends, Bianca and Bryce--proud parents of little Oona Fish--at Mama Kim's pool.

Noah was chosen as the underwater demonstrator for the first class and though he had never gone under water, except for the occasional accidental tub head dunk, he did exceptionally well. Now that he knows what's coming, however, he doesn't cry as much as he "fusses" or "protests" beforehand. The kiddo crying "mommy" in the background is Oona, not Noah--though Noey has been know to occasionally whine a little "I don't want to" of his own from time-to-time.

Nevertheless, he is quite a little fishy at 18 months and we can't wait to see what a few more lessons do for his apparent naturally fantastic fins.

Viva la summer!


Carrie said...

That is SOOOO nice to see! Super cute to see him jumping to you! I really hope Henry gets there someday! We took our first swim lesson at the Rose Bowl last week and he hated every second of it. Seriously, if he could have climbed up on my head he would have. Did Noey like it more over time? Is there hope?

j o n i said...

oie, carrie! that sounds so stressful and terrifying for poor little henry! :(

luckily, noah liked it right off the bat. but he has seemed to always be a water baby. we have taken him swimming on and off since his birth and he is a real daredevil with the ocean water...

just keep at it, i am sure his fins will sprout before long, mama.



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