Another Wordless Wednesday: December Is . . .

Maybe this happens in the lives of all bloggers? I have so very much to say but so very very little time to say it all, lately. As such, this blog has been in desperate need of content, real content...the kind of musings and mulling that engined its start over three years ago. Of late, it has become nothing more than a host for pictures lucky to be paired with a brief caption.

Oh well, here's to another Wordless Wednesday while I search under and over for more hours in the day. Enjoy!

December is . . .

Waiting for the tree that Daddy cut to fall

The smell of fresh fir

Breastfeeding by the campfire & toasting marshmallows (tied with forgetting your coat at home)

Runny noses and woolen hats

Making snow angles

Choo choos in the snow

Gingerbread houses

Snuggling indoors

Afternoon sunshine near the Christmas tree

Loving your kitty mask from the Waldorf Winter Fair

Playing peek-a-boo

First bites

Second snowman of the season

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