He Knows Clothes.

Noah has an unwavering affection for fashion...which is ironic, really, considering he is often known to many who know him as more often than not, naked. But, winter in Canada is here and clothes are just more than practical, they're necessary tools for preventing frostbite. 

A friend and I chuckled yesterday as we spied him eying a little guy's runners at the library storytime--silently coveting the double blue suede velcro clasps. There's no doubt about it, Noah Finn likes clothes. He changes--up to 10 times a day, everyday. It's gotten to the point that I have had to set some ground rules. For example, he gets up to two mama-helped changes a day after the initial morning dressing (correcting an inside-out shirt, getting his huge melon head through a tight neck hole, etc.). After that, if the mood strikes for new attire he's on his own. Crumpled and only briefly won clothes adorn the house floor from downstairs to up. I never know if they're dirty or clean.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination calling him fashionable. No, he has the typical three year old penchant for mismatched madness. Among his favorite duds most recently are pajamas, sweatshirts that he's long since grown out of and most recently, dress shirts together with rain pants. He rarely selects from more than just a handful of things that have usually been categorized by me as "play clothes".  All of the stuff that mama considers worthy of a trip out and about, stay perfectly folded in the back of the dresser drawer until they're outgrown.

Today he wore a pair of sized 18-24 months striped cotton stretch pants to his tumbling class. Thank goodness there were no busted seams during his somersault routine. Risk in the name of fashion is apparently the name of his game.


Valery Gore said...

Toooooo hilarious. Noah accompanies his fashion statements with the appropriate, modelesque pose too! The hand on chest photo is a favourite. Bottom left photo was a total 'dude' day. ( :

By the way, I've always been a notorious outfit changer. It will probably never change!

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Hilarious! Those are some great outfits there.

Also, love your new blog header!


Amy Harrison said...

This post just fuels my hope that potential #3 is a little lady so that this wardrobe's second home ends up being mine :-)

j o n i said...

Thanks for the blog love, girls. He's a handful in many ways. World...watch out!

j o n i said...

lol...and yes, valery. i do seem to remember at least one wardrobe change while you were here visiting us last fall. heh. heh.


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