Teases of Spring!

The happiest baby on the block has the blues, the teething blues. We've been in somewhat of a teething hell lately, literally. Several days following 3 days of an otherwise symptomless fever, Fern has been in worse spirits without it than with it and from what I can tell it's all due to those blasted top two front teeth that have just begun nudging their way beneath the gums. She has been a whining, fussing, crying, little wee teether who wants to be no further away from me than my butt hair, day and night. It's proven exhausting and most especially because outside of another quick and isolated teething episode she has truly been our easy peasy smiley and bright kind of gal. I guess she's allowed. But I hope she'll make it snappy--for both of our sake's.

All of this enameled agony has not kept us from enjoying this somewhat surprisingly early spring here in Southern Ontario, however. Last year, we were still shoveling our way from beneath snow and frosty temps well into early May. Think, Easter egg hunting clad mitten and snow gear. Not exactly the Easter we're used to. But this year we've already picnicked in the park twice and that Irish day of green has not even lucked on by yet. Lucky, lucky us! Last weekend found us playing in the park and hiking down alongside the river and today, at the sugar bush (maple syrup "farm") soaking pancakes with local sweetness and going on a horse-pulled carriage ride. Once we got home from syrup tapping, I dusted off the outdoor furniture and toys as I resurrected them from their basement hibernation. Noah was most giddy about discovering his red crocs from last summer. The frosting on the cake was that they still fit.

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Pie for the Eye said...

Love the spring shots. We missed maple syrup season this year. I haven't stopped by your blog in a while... your babies have really grown!


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