At Home And All Alone.

Our last loving helper, Jessica, left today and the reality of the great pleasurable chore that lies ahead for me and Dean is beginning to set in. My Mom and Dad, and then Jessica, helped more than they'll ever know and boy did we hate to see them all go home.

I grow increasingly nervous thinking of taking care of little Noah Finn without the in-home support of a loving and so very helpful Grandma and a doting Grandpa and best friend. I would experience fleeting moments of panic while they were here--we would be loading Noah, the stroller, the car seat, the diaper bag, the burp cloths, the blankets and a screaming and wet-diapered Noah into the car--and I would think to myself . . . how will I ever do ALL of this on my own? I suppose these are normal feelings of anxiety and doubt and like other hurdles, I'll muddle through. But in the meantime, I'll proceed with trepidation and greedily cling on to Dean's remaining time home from work.

The last two weeks with guests have also been busy, however. So, for today--our first day without a life raft--we eagerly look forward to staying in our PJ's all day--staying close to the comfy couch, eating freshly baked cookies, taking several naps and avoiding laundry chores. Diaper duty and baby soothing, however, we won't be able to get out of!

P.S. New pictures posted in our Flickr album!

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