The First 12 Days Of Noah Finn.

Day 12:
Life so far with Noah Finn has been exciting, exhausting, exhilarating . . .
though we are operating on much, much less sleep then we are used to, every moment we're awake means one less smile or goo that we miss experiencing.

Breastfeeding has been going ve
ry well--he is quite the feeding monster--even exhibiting monstrous faces, sounds and hand motions while eating! Cloth diapering has also not been as bad as everyone had anticipated for us. Though it has taken a little practice and several blow outs to get it right, we are convinced that practice and blow outs are part of the territory no matter what diapering system we might be using. Washing clothes every other day is also not too much of a stretch--between burp cloths, soiled clothes and blankets (and the shoulders of our clothes) covered in spit up, we imagine that we'd frequently be in the laundry room anyway.

Noah Finn
is growing so fast and beginning to make the most adorable sounds--and we swear he smiles too (even though our parenting books say it's only a reflex, we're convinced he's amused with the parenting foibles and follies we've committed so far). He loves bath time and takes special pleasure in going to the bathroom (both #1 and #2) the moment that we are placing a new clean diaper on his bottom--that's right, the moment just after we have wiped his hiney and have a fresh clean diaper prepared to place on him!

We went for our first walk on New Year's Eve and have had many visits from friends. Leda is coming by today to give Dean a much deserved break from cooking. I commented to him yesterday that having him home was like having my own personal postpartum chef--every morning he plans the menu for the day by taking any requests that I might have and then prepares each meal to perfection--all in addition to helping with Noah in every way other than breastfeeding, of course! I think I might not let him go back to work at the end of the month . . .

Be sure to keep up with the pictorial version of the life and times of Noah Finn on our Flickr photo album page where we will be posting pictures in alarming frequency (come on, we're first time parents!).

Love and peace in the New Year,
Joni, Dean & Noah Finn

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m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Love to the THREE Nelson’s,

I am in total agreement with the “Smiles”, I don’t care what all of the experts say! I think that babies are able to smile & show the warmth & love they feel very early on. I think that that at some point someone will have to agree with all us moms & dads on this point.

I am really enjoying all of your updates…………talk with you tomorrow. And yes somehow every baby always knows that the best time to poop & pee is right after they are bathed & getting a new outfit on, even my parents used to say that!

With much love to everyone




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