Picture Perfect.

YES! I have been a lazy blogger as of late--well, actually not as lazy as much as really, really busy. No major anything going on--and, yes, there is still laundry to fold, dishes to wash and errands to run-- just busy with life, I guess--being a mom and wife and teacher of the little foodie feast workshop, etc. I haven't written anything cerebrally exciting or even stimulating. But, I will and soon. I promise.

In the meantime, until I get my mojo back, enjoy this beautiful sneak peek image from our little family photo session this past Thursday by photographer, David Trotter, at 8 Track Photography. We'll use one for our holiday card and the others will simply adorn every nook and cranny of our humble little abode.

He did an amazing, simply amazing job, yes? We love what we see so far!

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Donna ~Blessed Nest said...

Hi, Love your blog! I came over from Face Book. The pictures David took are wonderful. Visit when you have a minute, we have a lot of great giveaways on our blog!


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