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With the holidays ever-so-rapidly approaching and Black Friday just a sneeze away, it's never too early to start pondering what's going to adorn the underside of your tree come Christmas Eve. Since we are going to be celebrating both Noah's first birthday and Christmas 3,000 miles away in North Carolina, I have had to start buying and shipping any presents we'd like to give him already--we leave in just under two weeks--oie!

When you are shopping for your kiddo this holiday season, here are a few things to keep in mind while strolling the toy aisle:
  • Try and seek out natural, wooden and green toys --they are good for kids and for the planet. Not only do they promote positive childhood development but they are made under sustainable practices.
  • Buy toys that are made of reclaimed or recycled plastic using environmentally-sound practices--toys that are finished with vegetable or other natural dyes, polished with beeswax, painted with water-based and non-toxic paints, or retain their natural, unfinished beauty.
  • Avoid toys overloaded with sounds, gadgets, etc. Natural, simple toys promote positive childhood development through play. They encourage children to think and use their imagination -- thereby stimulating their intelligence and natural curiosity.
While pregnant with Noah I did some research on why selecting natural toys is so important and I, of course, wrote a blog about it here. My photography skills weren't quite what they are now, but sans the photo, the info. is compelling enough.

Here are a few sites that has made finding beautiful natural toys on the internet a whole lot easier:
  • Enfant Terrible: Incredibly French and oh-so-hip
  • Oompa Toys: huge selection of green and wood toys, as well as, free shipping over $65.00
  • Wild Dill: achingly cute organic and fair trade dolls and animals and a large selection of toys that encourage imaginative play
  • Child Trek: large selection of wooden Haba and Plan toys
  • The Little Seed: a local Los Angeles haunt of mine that has a great online selection too--and it's owned and operated by none other than Punky Brewster herself
  • Plan Toys: a Thai-based company with incredibly made wooden toy instruments--the drum and xylophone are household favorites
  • The Playstore: great selection of Waldorf toys
  • MiYim: great for your littlest one--beautiful plush animals
  • Camden Rose: incredible hand carved wooden toys--Noah has a rattle that remains a favorite teether
  • Little Wonderland: large selection of wooden toys made in the USA
  • Etsy: don't forget about this little gem--it's an internet marketplace for all things (not just toys) handmade right here in the USA by crafty people just like you and me
Happy shopping--and remember, less is more. Giving from the hands and heart is always more meaningful than from the wallet.

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Kate said...

I'm so excited by this list! My nephew is 3 months old and his parents are all natural, green, cloth diapers, no Toyz R Us kind of people and I've had trouble finding things I know they would like for him. Yeah! And have a great holiday.


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