It's no secret to close family and friends that Dean began working for Beck shortly after the birth of Noah Finn. It was a rather surprised and unplanned job move that couldn't have been timed much better if we had planned it. The hours are so much better then what he kept on the Hollywood studio clocks and Beck's home studio, where he works much of the time, is just a few cycling blocks away from our home for Dean--and let's face it, it's a pretty dreamy gig for an Audio Engineer.

The latest project to be released is Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album that Beck produced called IRM--just released this month. Those of you who aren't familiar with her French pop legend father, Serge Gainsbourg, have been living under a musical rock and should get acquainted with him a.s.a.p.--your ears cannot claim they existed in the 20th century and not have heard this mighty Euro crooner. While Charlotte has a sometimes similar whispery sultriness to that of her dad's hypnotic style, she stands quite firm in her own right, too, as a chanteuse and actress.

Our hands down all time favorite radio station, that happens to be here in Los Angles, KCRW 89.9, aired a live in-studio session and interview with her and Beck taped back in December where Dean joined as Engineer. As it aired this morning, Dean and I went about our usual morning tasks while listening--Dean packing his lunch and I, just having put Noah down for a nap, was showering. When all of a sudden Dean storms into the bathroom with that crooked and satisfied half smile across his face that I recognize to announce, "Hey, Doodle--you missed it. They just said my name on the radio!"

Yes, it's true that Dean gets his name in the liner notes of all projects that he works on (including this one), but there's nothing like hearing your name in the "thank you" list on-air. And, shucks, I missed it.

To see a few cameos of Dean during the live taping session (he's in the navy & cream striped sweater in the background), click here--even if you don't want to see Dean it's well worth a view--Charlotte and Beck make an enchanting duo. To hear Dean's name said aloud over the Los Angeles air waves, you'll have to "listen" as opposed to "watch" the session here--but let's face it, unless you're tuned in to the radio, listening just isn't as much fun.

Félicitations, Dean, félicitations!

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