Together They Grow.

When I began "Feeding Little Foodies" last August at the suggestion of my friend Carrie, I expected that it might be a worthwhile hobby and healthy focus for my surplus of nervous energy. I was right--it has been an incredible way to share my experiences with feeding Noah Finn, as well as, my passion for teaching, fresh organic produce, and cooking all while aiming to inspire and inform other mamas to feed fresh and nutritiously too. I have met so many energetic mamas and beautiful babies along the way and my inbox continues to expand with pictures and videos sent to me by former "students" feeding their little foodies their first bites of solids. Satisfying and rewarding would be the two adjectives I'd use to describe the experience so far.

Ever since last August the business has grown, almost exponentially. Classes are filled to the brim, I have added a new workshop for older foodies, I have purchased my very own web domain just to house the blog in its own proper home (www.feedinglittlefoodies.com), I was asked to give two interviews for parenting and health related websites that will feature "Feeding Little Foodies" in the coming weeks, and I am getting ready to announce a super exciting bit of news next week. This "business baby" of mine has grown and is continuing to grow--and that's what you want when you begin a new venture, right? You nurture and hope for timely maturation and healthy development.

But just as I both resist and embrace the rapid growth and changes that are taking place with my little Noah Finn, I can't help but morn the loss of infancy with my little business venture too. What began as a small, vulnerable, and quiet project has expanded into a rambunctious and quickly moving toddler that I sometimes struggle to keep up with. I can't help but note the parallels between these two focuses of my time--baby and business--and feel both excitement and apprehension that I will miss the early days of both.

As I move into the wide expanses of what lies ahead--the toddler hood of Noah Finn and of "Feeding Little Foodies"--I feel great anticipation at what's unknown and what I have yet to learn and excitement at the limitless possibilities of what they both have the potential to become.


Mommas Soapbox said...

When my rugrats were little I used to make "homemade" babyfood for them too. Mine was more for financial reasons at the time but I think it is great that you do this! It has to be so much better for them!

Anonymous said...

Joni, I'm just delighted for you...not surprised though because I had a feeling you would be a most excellent and inspiring teacher! I'm glad I gave you a poke to do this, but I have no doubt you would have found some place to shine no matter what. I'm so excited to hear your big news! What could it be?

XO Carrie

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Yes, Mommas Soapbox, it IS more nutritious AND economical! You were ahead of your time.

Carrie, you are such a sweet soul. Thank you for your kind words. You may get a special sneak tell of the "big" news at our playdate tomorrow....just, hush, don't tell anyone. hee, hee, hee.


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