London, Ontario, Here We Come.

Downtown London, Ontario in the fall.

It doesn't have the fancy metropolitan flare of say, moving to London, U.K.--where we were seriously considering taking up residence before Noah Finn was born. My how things change when children come into the picture. Don't get me wrong--we'll always be city slickers--and perhaps even move back to Los Angeles after our great northern adventure peters out, if it does--but there has come a time, now, when we're yearning for a little slower pace and this job offer couldn't have come at a more useful time.

Everything that has occurred since Dean and I moved out to California in 2001, has seemed to happen serendipitously: Dean's initial job offer at a little studio in Burbank, my ditching the Peace Core to join him, our subsequent three homes (with the exception of our most recent Malibu madness), the timing of our wedding, the pregnancy and birth of Noah Finn, the new pregnancy, this new job offer and, now, the move to London. We feel lucky, fortunate even, to have had such a rosy decade here in the City of Angels. It feels strange, unfaithful even, to be considering any other place to call home. Lest we venture on to our next stop in a little less than month. I hope it treats us as well.


"Auntie" Jessica Mullen said...

I understand, but look at the leaves changing colors on the trees, the lush green grass. You'll have seasons again. Plus you're closer :)

j o n i said...

Thanks, Auntie Jess. You're exactly right...we'll give it a whirl and hopefully we'll see your smiling face there a time or two to help us warm up to the darn cold place even faster?! xxoo

"Auntie" Jessica Mullen said...

Of course you will. My passport is up-to-date and ready to go.


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