Five Months Of Fern.

Over the last almost three years, this blog has become a sort of memory keeper for me. As crafty as I like to be, I haven't put together the first baby book for either Noah or Fern, so mama:milieu--which I originally began in response to my mother's whining about living so far away from her unborn grandchildren back when I was pregnant with Noah--has become the best go-to I've got for both the big and not so big moments of these most precious early years.

As such, I am going to be sure not to let little Fernie's fifth month pass without a milestone mention. Last week, she turned five months old. And, it was in that same week that she mastered the toe hold and suck, began enthusiastically vocalizing "b" sounds and rolled onto her tummy for the very first time.

Happy fifth month, my little Fern Adele!

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