Boos To Yous!

Our Halloween weekend was boo-riffic! Most importantly, I have decided that I want a new camera for Christmas. Forget the other things that were on the list.

Dean was working with the talented songstress AND photographer, Valery Gore, who was visiting from Toronto to do some pre-production work for her forthcoming album this weekend. She was our house guest and went along with us to a Halloween event at Fanshawe Pinoeer Village on Saturday. After seeing her pictures this afternoon, I longingly yearned for the wealth of a rockstar (and a new camera)--if only to be able hire a personal photographer as gifted as Valery to shadow my family all day every day capturing moments as beautifully as this.

Thanks so much, Valery, and please, please, visit again and visit soon.

Tonight was a delirious bounty of the likes of processed sugar that Noah has never seen. We went trick-or-treating down the block and back. It was just enough for Noah to fill two buckets with lots of stuff he's never seen before. After dumping it out all over the floor just steps from the front door and closely surveying each individual piece, he simultaneously engulfed handfuls while spinning in circles. After his manic high--which was absolutely hilarious to be witness to--his fall to earth was not as bad as it could have been or as predicted. A rambunctious bed hopping session petered out any dwindling sugar and he passed out sticky and happy after a handful of stories in a large bear tent in his bedroom.

Sweet dreams to my two little spooks--and a very Happy All Hallow's Eve to everyone else!

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Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Those are some lovely lovely pics.

What a great halloween.

-hks (ab)


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