Wordless At Week's End.

Fern, in Daddy's arm: 5 months.

Noah Finn, breaking bad in the backseat: almost 3.


Amy Joy Harrison said...

We will absolutely have to meet up sometime soon, if only to befriend you long enough to place dibbs on each and every one of Noah's hand me downs! He is ADORABLE - and worthy of the upper case letters.

If there aren't any planned meet ups in my area of town in the next month or so I could open up my place and play host for my introduction to the group.

j o n i said...

Oh my goodness, thanks so much Amy!! You are welcome to them as soon as we make the no more babies final decision (I'd like a 3rd)! lol! We ABSOLUTELY DO have to get together soon! I looked for you at the parade to no avail...can you come to the Babies On Blankets meetup??
Love to you and Oliver...xoxo

Amy Joy Harrison said...

aha! Just read this now... Was sad to miss the meetup last week (is Noah feeling better?) but I came down with mastitis that day so better that it didn't happen. Let me know when the next chance is... And I think you should have a 3rd too :-)


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