Ward's Island Love: Toronto, Can You Get Any Better?

Dean's work space has experienced radical shifts over the years--from a Sunset Boulevard recording studio, to a home studio on the cliffs of Malibu, and most recently to an Industrial Park in the White Oaks neighborhood of London, Ontario. While his current gig does leave a stealthy lot to be desired in the aesthetic department, it does occasionally bestow trips to Toronto in business' name. This time it was to speak, mingle and schmooze at Canadian Music Week, again--and the kids and I tagged along to hit the streets and sights.

We found ourselves staying harbor-side for this visit instead of a hustling city center spot as per usual. Cityscape, construction, and harbor views from our window kept Noah engrossed for much of the stay and our proximity to the water required that we venture to the islands just on the other side of the bay. We took the late afternoon ferry after kissing daddy adieu on the first day only to find ourselves swooning on the shores of a quaint and cozy little finger of land just spitting distance from the towers and skyscrapers of downtown. With not a car in sight--only bicycle and walking shoe cladded locals--and charmingly understated, and in some cases brightly painted, cottages it looked and felt a lot like the tiny island in the Bahamas that Dean and I honeymooned on. The locals were just awakening from a long winter's slumber as the summer-like temperatures had everyone out raking leaves and otherwise preparing the earth for spring's fresh buds. A few crocus and daffodil were already peeping from beneath the heavy moss. As we made our way down to the beach on the opposite side of the island, I was plotting how we could establish a permanent homestead on this newly discovered paradise. The rest of the day was one for the history books. Noah splashed and played in the frigid and eerily still waters of Lake Ontario, collecting smooth stones and digging holes in the sand while Fernie and I soaked in all of the afternoon's rays. It was by far one of my favorite days in Canada so far.

A stop for a wee bit of window shopping and tacos on the Danforth and exploration, albeit tiredly, at the Science Museum with friends who came up from London to join us rounded out the cooler and rainy days that followed. It was a fabulous trip and though we didn't get to see much of Daddy, it's one that we would gladly do again and again as Toronto continues to capture our hearts with each visit.


Pie for the Eye said...

Ah, you discovered the Toronto Islands! So much fun. Did you know they have a nude beach there? We almost tried to move there years ago after living in TO for years. There's a waiting list about 500 people long and a unique process involved in buying property there. I would live there in a heartbeat if I could! But I'm a reluctant London resident so most places look appealing to me. lol There's a 50 percent off VIA rail sale going on right now though... makes day trips cost effective and easy! :) Have you discovered Kensington Market? Pedestrian Sundays are fun. The Distillery District is also a nice way to kill a day. Especially during patio season. I'm a big fan of tagging along on dh's business trips. I hit TO at least once a month for my sanity. :)

Rebecca said...

save kensington for our summer visit! It's walking distance from my MIL's home off Spadina. So happy you had nice weather and was able to return to our beloved Toronto. It has been my best kept secret and love that my boys and I get venture there twice a year and now that we get a dose of the Nelsons? all the better! miss you guys and looking forward to planning our next visit...sending love and many xoxo's! Rebecca

Harvest Kitchen Sisters said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

So glad.

The islands really are the best!

Hopefully next time we can connect.



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