And So The Blog Begins...Blogging At 35 Weeks.

My mom suggested (*gently demanded*) during a phone call this evening that we might want to begin a website soon (*now*) to update family and friends (*just her*) to replace the monthly update e-mails that we have been sending out to friends and family up until now. Though I was trying to avoid any further time spent in front of a buzzing computer monitor, I must agree that I had tossed around the idea a time or two myself.

And, so it is born (no, not Noah!--not yet) . . . our family blog, complete with the endless detailing of everything baby for those we love. I suppose it's our fault for living so blasted far away from doting grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, but nevertheless, we are excited to bring to you all of the latest snapshots and going-ons of both our pregnancy and soon-to-be bundle of love!

So thanks, mom, for the urging to get this blog rolling! Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled as we'll be updating regularly, with love.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Joni!! I love the site! What a wonderful job you have done so far...have I told you lately how very proud I am of you. You are the most beautiful daughter and Noah is so blessed that you are his mother. I can not wait to kiss my little grandson hello!!! Thank you again for listening and caring.


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