Belly Haute Couture.

Noah's oven was in the spotlight, literally, this past Saturday afternoon during a photoshoot with a friend, former student from my Language School, and Professional Photographer, Marta Petrucci!

She had been wanting to add pregnancy photographs to her photography portfolio. When she approached me about the idea, I jumped at the chance--and I am so glad I did. She is an incredibly amazing talent and it shows in the beautiful photographs that she shot.

Trust me, as far as models go, I am fumbling, awkward and spastic--the beauty in these photos speak truly to none other than her great skill and keen photographer's eye!

She took more than 160 photos in all, so the images below are just highlights from the shoot. To see a few more, click here.

Please stop by Marta's website for a glance at some of her other work:


Jessica said...

Beautiful :) Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Mullen said...


avventure in kaliforgia said...

thanks for modeling!you are a great person!a big big hug!

Makiko said...

You are beautiful !

Kristen said...

Joni these are some beautiful pictures. Only a little while longer,you and Dean must be getting very excited to meet Noah Finn.


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