Showered With Surprise.

My dear friend and colleague, Mary Jo, organized a oh-so-sweet 2nd shower at work for Dean and I on Friday (having Dean there was as much of a surprise as the shower itself!). Complete with tons of delicious food, a beautiful cake, music, decorations and all of my fellow teaching colleagues, both male and female, the shower was a blast! Mary Jo encouraged everyone to chip in for a gift card--everyone was so generous! We promptly used it that same evening to purchase the remaining cloth diapers, cloth wipes and diaper covers from our registry on Babyworks.com (until then, we only had five diapers--yikes, that wouldn't get us through even one day!).

We unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the good stuff--food, decorations or colleagues (with the exception of Mary Jo!)--but there are a few of Dean and I opening our "gift box"!


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