You Know You're A New Mommy When . . .

  • your favorite local public radio station has been replaced with Coldplay renditions of lullabies and muzak versions of nursery rhymes (and unfortunately, he likes the muzac nursery rhymes best)
  • you discover the "tiny tot trio" (dried slobber, spit up and poop) on your favorite "dry clean only" sweater AFTER you've arrived at your destination
  • you notice your bouncing the bag of apples on your hip as you wait in the grocery store check out line
  • your pillow is an exotic vacation destination you'd love to visit one day
  • you are lucky if you get one shower a day--and NEVER get two
  • you host your first "PG-rated" party ever--a BBQ in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday at a park featuring other couples with kids . . . and it's your 30th birthday
  • your cuticles have grown over your fingernails
  • your milk-stained nursing bra is your sexiest piece of lingerie
  • "mommy and daddy time" means falling asleep on the couch together
  • you've purchased so much under-eye concealer that the makeup counter lady knows you by first name and your credit card number by heart
  • you can only identify that lady you met last week by the name of her kid
  • a wild Saturday night means managing to stay awake long enough to catch the opening monologue of "Saturday Night Live"
  • you truly consider doing chores while dad watches the baby taking a break
  • you discover that breast pads double perfectly as drink coasters
And, lastly, you know your a new mommy when . . . you wouldn't trade any of the above for anything else in the whole wide world.

1 comment:

Jim said...

The Saturday Night Live thing is true for us now, and we don't even have kids. We're just old.


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