Dean Slept On The Couch Last Night.

. . . not because he was in the doghouse, though--I slept there with him.

Noah's version of sleeping for the large part since he was born is, well, really not sleeping. He's never been a champion snoozer and with the addition of all of these fantastically exciting new skills he is picking up on a daily basis compounded with a furious case of the teething blues, he has turned into an downright insomniac.

So, after he finally went down for the seven-hundred-and-seventieth time last night, we hunkered down on our oversized craig's list couch at midnight and decided to call it our head's home for as long as he slept . . . so as not to wake him when we finally crawled into bed.

Sound crazy? Maybe. Yes, even! But . . . he slept for a delicious two hours! And we were ecstatic.

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