Solid Waste.

::This blog is dedicated to Kristen--thanks Kristen!::

We have finally started Noah on solid foods and as the title indicates there has been lots of waste . . . on the bib, on the floor, on his clothes, left in the bottom of the bowl and *sigh* on mom. I know, I know, that it's part and partial of the learning curve--the transition from a purely liquid booby diet to one of color, texture and fun new flavors. But the waste part matters when it takes a whole morning when I could be um . . . showering, pooping or *sigh* sleeping . . . to whip up a batch of yum.

I think the key is preparing large batches at once instead of just a measly few portions. That way there are no hard feelings when half a morning's hard work ends up in the folds of his feeding chair and outer ear. Nevertheless, whipping out the collection of organic bamboo spoons that I purchased before we even began to ponder baby names has been loads of fun. And it has been incredibly rewarding knowing that I am filling my little guy's tummy with fresh, wholesome, pesticide-free and incredibly pronounceable ingredients.

So far, avocados, pears, bananas and peaches have been the first on our ever expanding menu and sweet potatoes are on tomorrow morning's list of "to liquefy". In the meantime, I am just going to have to find a way to make room in our euro-sized fridge for the coming loads of peas and butternut squash. Move over frosty beer steins and forlorn ice cream pint (neither of which we ever get the moment to indulge in anymore) and make room for the peach purée!

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