All In A Good Day's Play: 7th Edition.

I haven't written an "All In A Good Day's Play" post for some time now and thought it frightfully overdue! Though this one diverges from the typical format somewhat, it still manages to capture the essence of of our beautiful day together.

Yesterday, daddy had a surprise middle-of-the-week day off, so we frolicked to the park before going to a late afternoon playdate together. We topped whole the day off with a fabulously fall dinner--baked cinnamon & brown sugared acorn squash, sauteed garlic asparagus and roasted fingerling potatoes with cumin and basil--and then snuggled into a bath and jammies for a somewhat restful night.

Happy days, happy nights, happy family.

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Rosanna =) said...

Days like these are wonderful and make up for the crappy nights! =)


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