Sigh, Chuckle, Cry.

Today started like any other Tuesday.

Noah wakes up. Dean and Noah get up first. Mommy rises later. Noah naps--but Noah never naps. Mommy gets dressed. Mommy sighs and looks at the clock. Mommy packs the diaper bag. Noah continues to nap--but Noah never naps. Mommy & Me class begins. Mommy huffs and puffs around the house--this is the only thing Mommy really, really cares about going to each week. Noah continues to nap--but Noah never naps. Mommy wonders why Noah chooses to nap and only nap at this exact time on Tuesdays. Noah wakes from nap. Mommy & Noah arrive at class--one hour late.

That's how the day began--just like every other Tuesday. Until we got home from our mommy & me class, that is.

Mom sets Noah down on the bathroom floor. Mom removes Noah's dirt, grass and banana stained romper to give it a soak in the sink. Mom turns on the bathroom sink faucet to let the sink fill. Noah removes diaper. Mom smells poop. Mom sees diaper beside poop pile laying in the doorway. Mom sees trail of poop. Mom finds Noah. Mom sees poop on Noah's hands, legs and torso. Mom puts Noah into the bathtub. Mom hears water dripping. Mom sees water pouring out of the sink onto the counter and onto the floor. Mom turns off sink faucet. Mom turns on bathtub faucet. Mom bathes Noah. Mom dries the counter and floor. Mom diapers and dresses Noah. Mom cleans poop trail.

Wednesday. Rise and repeat.


Nate's Mama said...

Cleaning up poop... one of those jobs that you never envisioned yourself doing, right? Motherhood can be very humbling at times.

Rosanna =) said...

Oh my gosh Joni!! Let's hope Wednesday isn't a repeat!! Days like those keep things interesting... =)

Jasie VanGesen said...

So much poop. I think what some people without kids are scared of most is poop. They can't handle the poop. We can handle the poop. ;)

Once in the summer of 2002 (Silas had just turned a year old) he was down for a nap in his room and because it was so hot that day, I had laid him down in JUST his diaper, no onesie, no pants, no nothin'. Well... when I went to get him up... POOP. Everywhere. On the walls, on the crib, in his hair... basically everywhere except his ever-loving bum.

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Yes, motherhood is humbling in many ways...poop being only one of them. lol!

Jasie, let's just hope that Noah is no Silas when it comes to finger painting. yeesh. Get that boy a canvas, mama!


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