When Challenges Are Challenging.

Noah has been challenging during these last two weeks. Getting him to eat, getting him to sleep, getting him to stay asleep, getting him to play independently if even only for a few minutes, have all been insurmountable challenges during these last two weeks.

I am sure that there is a very good explanation for it all--perhaps teething, perhaps a growth spurt, perhaps this new heat wave following a deliciously fall rain has got him feeling down. I am sure that there is a very good explanation.

Reminding myself of that helps. And then there are times when it doesn't: In the dark of the night when my nipple is being turned into pâté from yet another hour of sucking, when he is wide awake at 5:00 a.m. hanging from the headboard squealing and squawking after another sleepless night, when he hasn't napped for 9 hours and clearly needs to sleep, when he won't go to bed at night when clearly he is tired, when he is hanging over the side of his highchair letting every ounce of what just went into his mouth dribble out all over the floor, when he is hollering--not crying--at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason, when he is hanging on my legs whining because I have put him down just to pee.

Gear that I would recommend all expectant parents to be equipped with in time for junior's arrival is, patience. And, unfortunately it's baby gear that's not for sale. You can't find it used on craig's list, purchase it with a Babies "R" Us giftcard from Granny, or get it handed down from a sister or friend--no, you've gotta dig real deep down to the tips of your toes to find it, scrape as much of it together that you can possibly gather and use it real wisely. Stock up on it. Put some away for safe keeping. Because you just might run thin during weeks like these.


Rosanna =) said...

Before Fin arrived, I was pretty worried that my patience would wear thin VERY easily because I'm just not the most patient person in the world to say the least. Once he arrived, I was happily surprised to see that he has taught me to be a more patient person.

If I had a baby registry, I would've definitely asked for a big box of patience!!

mrs.notouching said...

I hear ya... my friend always says - we each get a child we needed. And looking at mine I couldn't agree more.

jennifer said...

wow. i could've written the same post today. although, i'm sure... not so wittily. perhaps we need to wait on the playdate and go on a dinner date! HA! sounds good though, right? here's to a night of good sleep for us all tonight! and some independent play. and just a bit of time to get SOMETHING done.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the screaming can really jangle one's already jangly nerves. We love you! Hope to hang out when the neverending cold ends.

XO Carrie and Henry

Azra Momin said...

Sounds like my baby!!!! It's funny, but I frequently comment to my husband how I had no idea how much patience I could have until she came along!

Thank you for sharing! Makes me feel better that I'm not alone!

olive said...

I wish I can share my patient with you when I don't need it... I see Noah is growing so much, and you are also growing as a mom!! Kai gives me so many chances to learn how to be patient. I sound like very calm mom right now, because my baby is taking a nap, that is why!

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments, mamas! It takes a village sometimes, doesn't it? Or at least the support of one during weeks like these. Thank you.



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