All In A Good Weekend's Play: The Snowsnake & Winter Fest Edition.

This weekend is a three-day weekend here in Canada due to the celebration of "Family Day" on Monday. With Dean's new schedule, everyday feels family day for us lately--but heck, we'll take it anyway without complaint. Saturday was spent doing much needed house chores and market shopping for the week and tomorrow we have both brunch and lunch plans. So, today was our day to frolic and play--and that we surely did--in true Canada-style.

The Museum of Ontario Archeology was having its Annual Snowsnake and Winter Fest on the site of an Iroquoian settlement dating back to the 16th century A.D. Fun to be had by all included snowsnake competitions (throwing a carved stick down a small snow luge and seeing whose goes the furthest), dog sled riding (see the below poorly recorded video of our little stone-faced rider), snow shoeing and authentically prepared Iroquois bread snacking.

Now on to more fun and games tomorrow. In the meantime, happy "Family Day" to all!

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