Daddy Dean Makes His Canadian Debut--Press Release On His New Gig Hits Music Mag Stands Next Week!

Why we moved to Canada--for those who missed the posts back in the fall or for just missed the recent international moving boat all together--in a nutshell, we found out we were preggo with numero dos and the 10 years of 60 hour work weeks for Papa Bear suddenly grew from unmanageable to plain and simply unthinkable. Woos from Dean's alma mater in London, Ontario, OIART (The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology), drew us out of life in the Los Angeles fast lane and into a suburban 9-5 snowy Canadian adventure.

OIART has officially announced his arrival and I am so proud to follow suit. The press release will hit music mag stands next week. The article was kind of fun for me to read . . . following the last ten years of our lives as tracked via Dean's career through another person's lens.

The Press Release can be found here: http://www.oiart.org/industry/spotlight/dean-nelson/.

Congrats, Papa. We are so proud!

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Pie for the Eye said...

Welcome to London! (found your blog on London Moms).


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