My Little CasaNOAH.

Noey Finn and I have been seeing the same group of mamas and babies on Wednesday afternoons since he was about, oh, 4 months old or so. Early on, we deemed our little clan "Babies On Blankets" (or BOB for short) but as the babies have become increasingly mobile, it was only accurate to revise the title--to "Babies OFF Blankets". And just as the name has changed, so has our meeting location. We had to ditch our soft, green, grassy knoll under the shady pines of Barnsdall Art park in Los Feliz in search of more occupying play structures, sand boxes and ample romping obstacles to keep our toddling tots entertained long enough for us to catch one another up on current spawn news.

This week's meeting found Noah Finn in awe of Louisa's new knack for scaling the rolly slide at Griffith Park. He whined at the bottom as he watched her zoom past with precision and skill. But I saved the most interesting Wednesday bit for last. See the girl holding Noah Finn in not one, but three of the pictures above? No, we don't know her. Nope, Noah Finn doesn't know her either. But, he sure does look comfy snuggling in her lap, doesn't he? He hung with little doe-eyed girlie and her doting female companions for a good 20 minutes or so. I mean seriously, they fawned over him. I know that he has a preference for boobies--but those are mine and they squirt milk. Could it be that my little boy is already loving the not-my-mama ladies? No . . . yes?

Just call him, little CasaNOAH!


Johanna said...

my Noah is only 7 months and I swear he checks out girls. No I'm not just imagining this- his head actually turns and follows hot girls when the walk by. And he likes blonds! I'm NOT blond, but he loves blonds! too funny!

Carrie said...

Too funny! He's just lounging! And OMG, how does Louisa do that?


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