Welcome To Milagro Ranch, Our Home Sweet Home.

Oie. Oie. Oie. The ups, the downs, the stress and then the release, of moving.

We had, hands down, the most magnificent, fabulous, fantastic and splendiferously excellent friends helping us before, during and after moving day--and I have to say that I have never had so much fun moving before. Many, many beautiful, gracious thanks are in order for the following near and dear marvelous movers: Asami, Atsushi, Gabe, John, Kathleen, Yuka, Mark, James, Candice and Cassidy. The topping on the moving cupcake was the great piano feat--many hours of strategizing and heavy lifting, straining and cussing later, the circa 1889 behemoth was moved in one piece from it's former bustling home mid-city, Los Angeles to it's current place of residence, Milagro Ranch, Malibu.

I have so much to tell, thus much to write, but few hours in which to devote to writing it all down for now. Dean is super busy unpacking at work leaving little time for him to aid me in my settling down efforts here at the home front. But, hark, there is light at the end of this dim tunnel. He is set to have a three day weekend beginning tomorrow. Not only will I delve into un-boxing and decorating our new cozy little cabin, but I will also try and chronicle our life here at Milagro Ranch so far--one and a half week in. All I can say is . . . it's heartstoppingly beautiful. I have to stop and ask myself at least once an hour if this is really home . . .

In the meantime, enjoy . . .

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