Noah H e a r t s Milagro.

He visits the horses each morning after breakfast.
He jumps on bales of hay in the feed barn.
He picks wildflowers for mama's vases.
He swings and slides on the sunny playground vista.
He naps with the sounds of the birds and the bees wafting through breezy open doors and windows.
He runs alongside of the Lab pups, Pancake and Marmalade, each afternoon.
He collects rocks in his Halloween pumpkin.
He harvests lemons and blood oranges from the little hillside orchard.
He climbs and plays and sits and ponders and runs and squawks.

Noah H E A R T S Milagro Ranch.

For more pictures from our move and 1.5 weeks at our new home, visit us on flickr.

Happy Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Hei Joni, my husband and I are planning a trip to CA this summer. I guess we will come visit you in your new little paradise!! Ciao. Betta


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