38 And Feeling Great.

We're two days into our 38th week and things are going just beautifully! I am feeling wonderful--none of the typical "woes" of late pregnancy so to speak of thus far--just an extra large belly and a slight waddle!

We had a Dr. appointment today and little Noah Finn is doing just great. He's healthy, happy and has really chubby cheeks! He's still in head-down (ready to launch) position and the levels of amniotic fluid in the womb are very good--meaning, all systems are ready for take off . . . whenever he is. The Dr. doesn't think that he has "dropped" into my lower pelvis yet, but this is not a problem as we still have a good week and half until his projected "due date".

We have opted not to do any invasive internal examinations to check for cervix dilation and effacement, so we are not sure how things are or aren't progressing in that respect. But, as with everything in labor and birth, things can change on a minute-by-minute basis and any dilation and effacement occurring now doesn't necessarily signal where we may be one minute or two weeks from now.

Any day between now and Christmas, he could arrive (38-42 weeks). But, though we're extra excited to finally meet and snuggle him, as long as I keep feeling so great, we are in no rush and are ready whenever he feels that he is!

We have a "lunch date" this Sunday with a couple from our Hypnobirthing class who gave birth several weeks ago. We agreed to bring the lunch if they would share their birthing experience with us--they had a beautifully successful hypnobirthing birth--so, we're eager for the support and helpful wisdom.

Tonight, Dean and I are going on perhaps our last "official" yuppie-married-with-no-kids-date without towing baby or paying a sitter. Though this dinner and movie night will be sans wine and cocktails, we look forward to celebrating the end of one chapter of our lives together while officially welcoming the new!

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EddieJoe said...

Hi Joni! Love your belly. You're so beautiful!! Um, about the baby widget. Is that thing in the background supposed to be Finn's slong?

Enjoy your date with Dean.


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