The Wisdom Of A True Doula.

We just received this e-mail from our Hypnobirthing Instructor and former Doula, Renee, in response to our worried posting from today below. It's so beautiful, we thought that we must share it. It has put things back into perspective . . . thanks Renee.

"Dear Joni, Dean and Noah:

On this cold and rainy day, how wonderful must be to find yourself in the womb, totally sheltered, protected, loved, awaited for... as you are completing your divine perfection and taking the necessary time to do it.

On this cold and rainy day, how wonderful it must be to find yourself ready to receive your dear baby, with the certainty that he will be here at the right time, not one minute earlier, not one minute later. Have the confidence and serenity that the understanding of the process and preparation has given you.

How wonderful it must be to enjoy every moment, knowing that it is unique and irreproducible, calmly building up for the miracle of birth with inner peace and gratitude.

Remember, he is not over due until week 42. Everything is perfect.

Love and light,



m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Exciting! I think he is pretty comfy in there sloshing around in the
dark, and out here it is too bright and too noisy.

Love, Derek and Mary

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Have ur ears been ringing? I've been talking to Annie about u like everyday. We wish u the best. Ur the healthiest, most vibrant prego person I've ever seen. When Noah decides to come, things will go wonderfully!

Hang in there!



Anonymous said...

maybe he wants to be a capricorn...
don't worry he has the perfect plan!!



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