A Day Late and A Labor Short.

Due date and one day post due date--the checklist:
  • Ate the famous "The The Salad" (labor inducing maternity salad) at Caioti Cafe in Studio City
  • Prepared and consumed super spicy chili for dinner, lunch and dinner again
  • Took several flights of stairs at work
  • Went on a long, vigorous walk in the park
  • Drank a thermos of raspberry leaf tea
  • Bounced, grooved and moved on the birthing ball
  • Ate fresh pineapple
Feeling relatively physically fabulous while waiting for baby: priceless. The cost of the anticipation, excitement and anguish of waiting to meet your baby and for your life to forever change: mentally breaking the bank.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni,

I hope all your concoctions that you consumed yesterday help Noah get the message, but if not, he will be here soon. Will call you all tonight.

Lots of Love


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