We've Got Ants In Our Pants.

So, it's Sunday night and still no Noah Finn.

I went to a more rigorous than usual prenatal yoga class on Saturday, have been taking longer walks than usual everyday since Friday (including hills and stairs), have been drinking fresh raspberry leaf tea by the pitcher (said to prepare the uterus), eating fresh pineapple (said to aid in starting labor), Dean prepared chili lime tilapia for dinner tonight (spicy foods are said to help stimulate the uterus) and we've even hanky-pankied, all in hopes little Noah may be ready--but no luck.

Technically, he still does have until Wednesday to be officially titled past his "due date"--we just thought we'd give him a little boost this weekend while we were off, ready, and waiting.

We really don't mind if he's "late", I guess, as long as we don't have to have any medical intervention (induction, yuck!) to get things "moving" along because he decides to cook longer than 42 weeks.
Dean's mom and my Grandma Elsie called today to reassure us that this won't be the case. I am confident that they are right . . .

Anyway, still feeling great, so off to work tomorrow--and every day this week until either the term is over or he comes.

We'll keep you posted . . .

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Jessica Mullen said...

I know your anxious. I know I am. Just know Jim, Me, the kitties and Bert are sending you tons of love!


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