39 And Pregnancy Is Divine.

Today marks the first day of our 39th week. I feel wonderful with no gripes or groans, calm, peaceful and ready to birth. Being pregnant truly has been so much fun--the planning, the shopping, the bonding with other parents and parents-to-be, the prepping, the anticipation, the closeness you gain with your partner and the daily kicks and taps from within that remind you that a little life is growing inside. Dean and I just can't wait to be parents together. Dean's nightly story time, occasional music lessons, and frequent "exit strategy" overviews with little Noah Finn have already confirmed his post as the best dad-to-be this side of the Mississippi.

Since my belly doesn't look too differently this week than it did last,
we thought we'd forgo a weekly oven shot and post some pics of nesting tasks as of late--we have been washing, washing, washing clothes, blankets, sheets, our cloth diapering supplies, you name it, we've washed it. From bath supplies to bedding to bouncer seats to his diaper bag, we are ready for little Noah Finn's arrival.

Let's start with our cloth diapering supplies. Exciting? We know, we think
so too! Technological advances have touched every aspect of our lives--usually by making things quicker, easier, more convenient. Even the dreaded and unpleasant task of diapering has not been unaffected. The old methods of cloth diapering are far gone--today cloth diapering choices are vast (and pinless!). Velcro one-piece versions, with all of the conveniences of disposable but none of the environmental consequences, are available. They are on the more expensive end of the cloth diapering choices (costing about $17.95 a piece), but perhaps worth it when we're in a rush, traveling, or having someone help us care for little Noah Finn. Other than the few of these that we purchased, the majority of our cloth diapering supplies are comprised of snugly organic hemp prefolds, nifty velcro waterproof covers called "Nikkys" and organic unbleached cotton terry wipes. If he's a heavy wetter, we've also purchased organic hemp diaper doublers to avoid nighttime accidents.

We've had to move Noah's organic veggie toys from "Auntie" Sara up to the shelves above his changing table because Miles insists on unburying and taking them from Noah's toy basket--strangely the carrot and pea pod ONLY, while the tomato and mushroom remain untouched?! He meows to us that he is "breaking them in" for Noah Finn, but the little teeth holes becoming apparent on the heads of Mr. Carrot and Mrs. Pea Pod have forced us to remove what was clearly too much of a temptation for Miles. We have also made room in my closet for Noah Finn's little clothes organizer. But, he is quickly "outgrowing" it already as all of the shelves and drawers are full. We may have to expand his wardrobe into a closet of his own very soon! Also a recent purchase is his little Svan Bouncer seat. It is made from 100% sustainable wood, organic material and is ergonomically sound.

Both his diaper bag and mine and Dean's bags are packed and ready to go o
n the floor of my closet--waiting for the 3 mile journey to the hospital for delivery. Dean and I plan to spend as much of the labor at home as possible, so hopefully if we've forgotten anything, we'll have time to shove it in at the last minute! Dean installed the carseat in the Volkswagen today and multiple copies of our birthplan are printed and ready to hand out to all of the Doctors and Nurses at the hospital. So, stay tuned . . . we'll keep you updated!

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Jessica Mullen said...

Hey Joni!
I wish I could be there to witness all of this planning and interior design. I am so happy for you that your pregnancy has gone so well. I will keep wishing that you have a wonderful delivery too! I miss you bunches! Thanks for keep us up-to-date with everything!



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