That's The Way This Cookie Crumbled.

7:15 a.m. this morning--in the kitchen--I was naked (getting ready to shower for work--plus, pregnant women like to be naked whenever possible--nothing else is as comfortable as the ol' birthday suit) and putting a batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies for my students into the oven to bake.

When all of a sudden, I felt a slow trickle down both of my legs. I quickly slid the cookies into the oven and ran to the bedroom to awaken a sleeping Dean. After eagerly explaining what I thought was happening, he sleepily smiled, gave me a high five, and rose from bed to join me in my excitement. We both found comfortable places on our living room couches to sit and wait for the next "phase" to arrive.

After making eyes and quietly smiling at one another from across the room for several minutes--in a well-done, we've done it, hooray, we've succeeded, kind of way--we began to struggle with whether I should continue to prepare for work in the case of a false alarm or settle down for the inevitable long haul that could be ahead.

After several minutes of wavering indecision (is it, isn't it?), we decided to alert my work that the big day had definitively come and settled in to our comfy positions on the sofa beneath piles of blankets, cats and the dim glow of lights from our Christmas decorations.

Seconds, then minutes, then an hour passed--nothing. Soon, Dean was asleep once again while I laid fidgeting, unable to rest, and wondering if and when anything would happen.

Nothing did. And, needless to say, it's now 5:16 p.m. following a vigorous walk and many calls from family and friends and Noah Finn is still snugly situated inside my tummy with no signs of an imminent exit.

Despite what it may appear, we're staying cool, calm, and collected. Heck, I even meditated to my hypnobirthing cds today--before my thoughts wandered again and again to chanting the mantra "no inducement, no inducement, no inducement". We promise, despite what might glaringly appear as obsessive neurosis, we really are enjoying (*trying our hardest to*) this beautiful time of preparing for the birth of our little one.

We're now off to Hollywood Video to stock up on all of the comedy we can get our grubby little paws on (Netflix just won't be able to deliver fast enough)--they say laughter helps. "Baby Momma" is on the top of the list--Amy Poehler and Tina Fey never disappoint! We're open for any further suggestions you might have!?

Beginning today, Dean and I are officially off of work until . . . until. Cabin fever must not set in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joni,

Looking good. Counting the days right?

Good luck with the last days. We have one week left in New Zealand and then I'll give you a call when I get back in Holland.

love you!


The Mullen Clan said...

I know it must be hard, but try enjoy these last few days of peace. I know you are eagerly awaiting Noah Finn's arrival - so am I. But try to enjoy these days of just you and Dean. Life will forever be changed once Noah decides to make his debut.

Lots of Love,
Jessica and Jim


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