Eight Extraordinary Months.

Today is Noah Finn's 8 month birthday, and boy, has it been a wild ride. We're two-thirds of the way to a full year and I feel as if we have already made a full revolution around the sun.

It has gone by so fast--but at the same time it seems like ages ago that we were caring for a tiny, wobbly, bobbly, gurgling newborn. I often sit back and stare at him in his play--my squawking, laughing, crawling, standing, saying "mama" boy--and I am floored that this is my son.

Being a mother is simply amazing. It is more fun than you could ever anticipate. It is more love than you could simply write a sonnet about. It is an experience unparalleled.

Happy eight month birthday, my beautiful boy.


JJ Keith said...

Oh yay. Happy birthday to M. Finn. He's old enough to be Bea's grandpa! I hope you all have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Noey! We love you too!

Carrie & Henry

Rosanna =) said...

Happy 8 month birthday Noah Finn!! =)

Janefilms said...

wow. amazing. Happy 8 Noah Finn! I love that collage you created, how'd you do that?

Looking forward to BonB with you guys on Wednesday!



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