Life's A Beach.

Spending a Thursday in Malibu is never half bad--even if it's overcast.

Many people don't realize that Southern California beaches are not always toasty warm and sunshiny like Hollywood so inaccurately depicts. Frankly, during our nearly 10 years beaching here in the sunshine state, our water's edge lounge fests are usually more overcast than sun soaked. It's the cities that are always sunny and bright--the dense ocean fog just has a hard time burning off on most days. And due to the lack of humidity--even at the beach (compared to the east coast)--the lack of sunshine leaves seaside visitors with very cool and windy days. Combine that with the frosty frigid Pacific and you have an image of L.A.'s sandy retreats that is quite different from that depicted in Baywatch.

But listen to me, all doom and beach gloom. I honestly, love the beach that way. I mean don't get me wrong I do take pleasure in pulling out my sunglasses and soaking in a bit of vitamin D, but a cloudy day at the beach in a city that perpetually shines is a welcome day indeed.

The salty air. The rusty kelp. The greedy seagulls. The playful dolphins. The crashing waves. I just can't get enough of any beach no matter it's flaws.

Noah and his trusty mate, Kai, had a thrilling time taking in the sensory feast that the ocean has to offer while Asami, Dean and I picnicked and snapped shots of them wallowing on the sandy shore.

Before I put Noah into the bath tonight, I took a long deep breath with my nose buried in his silky hair. I wanted to breathe in the beach before I washed it all away. So as not to soon forget our beautiful day.


jacqueline f. said...

i love the photo of the babes in the beach chairs. they look like they are having the most serious conversation ever! fe and i haven't gone to the beach yet. for shame! i have to get on that right away, because i can't think of anything better than the ocean!

Anonymous said...

What great pics of the boys! Loved meeting Asami and Kai the other day!

XO Carrie


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