Temporary Blogging Brown Out.

If the Fire Department in our neighborhood can take the day off due to budget restraints, then why can't I? They call them "Brown Outs". I guess hoping that "Brown Out" sounds nicer than "we are closing because the state pissed away your tax money and now you and your family may die a grisly fiery death because of it".

Anywho, "Little Foodie Feasts" have taken off more quickly than I expected and I am proud to announce that I will be holding the workshops regularly at my home. As I busily make fliers, workshop handouts, blog over at Feeding Little Foodies and pound the pavement spreading the word, I am admittedly too brain depleted to wittily blog after getting my teething monster to bed.

But, not to fear, I will return and return soon. I have a notebook I have been filling with topics running round my head as of late.

AND, I will will be featured as a guest on Domestic Dork's blog next week while she's off visiting family on vacation. So, please do check out my post "Pooptastic, Pooperiffic! The Adventures of Solid Wastes." It promises not to disappoint!

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