The Ever-Pleasurable Playdate.

Today was a busy day. The mid-morning was enjoyed at mama Carrie's house where we spent some quality blanket time with little Henry while his mama packed boxes and prepared for a move just a few miles east into the valley. I am not sure how much help we were, but we sure did enjoy their company.

The afternoon was lazed away at the park with our regular Wednesday "Babies On Blankets" crew followed by a frolic through the Farmer's Market at the bottom of the park hill.

I used to laugh at the idea of "playdates" before having kids. How silly, contrived and suburban, I used to mutter to childless myself. Now, they are an essential and anticipated part of each day. Mingling with mamas and bantering over beautiful babies is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. And, by gosh, I think N to the Finn enjoys them too!


jacqueline f. said...

I used to be super judgemental about playdates and stay at home moms and so many other things. I didn't have a clue! Everything has changed now that I am a mom. Thank god! It was so good to see you two yesterday!! xoxo Jacq

JJ Keith said...

Ha! I took a bunch of pictures of Henry yesterday too. That kid has a fabbo mug.

And I hear you about the playdates. We've FIVE scheduled for this week. Crazy, huh? Look at me carting my kid around to activities. What's next soccer?

Anonymous said...

Same here with the judgment...now I'm all, God bless playdates for getting me to do something fun, not just run errands. Henry LOVED playing with Bea and Noey yesterday and he's delighted to make the blog.



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