The Five-Toothed Octobaby.

Oie! Oie!

How I morn for the days of Noey past when he was not yet mobile, not yet teething and much, much less active.

I have not done a lot of things lately--fold laundry, call my sister and dear friend in Virginia, pet the cats, push back my cuticles, read and comment on my fellow favorite bloggers blogs. Why? Because gone are the days of infant sensory slumber and here are the days of the finger feasts of burgeoning toddlerhood.

The eighth month for Noah has seen many exciting new developments. Teeth numbers 4 and 5 are making their way through the soft puffy pink of the middle top gum . . . and not far behind are the gleaming pearly white of the two "i teeth" right next door (teeth 6 and 7!), for example. But, among those that are keeping my head spinning are his new ability to crawl and his insatiable curiosity.

Move over "Octomom"--meet OctoNoey. On most days it feels more like I birthed an octopus rather than a baby. The speed and ferocity of his arms and little clammy hands reaching and grasping for anything and everything within eye shot is simply exhausting. And, every morning that he wakes his crawl has gained speed and purpose somehow over night.

He slides without stumble across the living room floor over to the coffee table to teethe on the mini record coasters that I got Dean for a birthday years ago . . . and he glides into the kitchen without pause to heave the small colorful ceramic flowerpots on the bottom shelf of the island containing our garlic and shallots across the floor.

. . . and, he's not even walking yet.

Oie! Oie!

But, he's so, so, so darn much fun. And really quite ravishingly handsome too.


Christie Burnett said...

I remember the days. They do learn what not to touch, in this house it was always, "No touching Daddy's cupboard," our TV cabinet!

It is all good fun,

jennifer said...

i just adore your writing! yes indeed... busy hands = busy days. just wait until the "toddling" comes. always good times though. enjoy.

O'Brien said...

It is fun to read your posts.....it is amazing how mommying can sound so alike. I have a few questions for you.....
How do you post your videos on line? What software do you use to make your picture collages? Where are you typically buying your toys ( like the one that is the wired with the beads that move)?

Anonymous said...

Ay, Noey! I'm a little tired just reading this and nervous too - Henry now gets into an all-fours crouch every time he's on his belly and has started scooting backwards inch by inch...I think he learned it from Noah!

The last time I talked to my husband about babyproofing, he said that we could just tell Henry not to touch things, but reading about Octobaby, I'm not sure that's such a stellar plan!

XO Carrie

Rosanna =) said...

Go OctoNoey!!!

I am savoring the "immobile" days as I know they will be coming!!!

Alycia in Va. said...

enjoy the crawling phase. When they are "running" full fledge from you it makes life a whole lot more intense...but atleast you might loose a few pounds in the effort :)

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I know that I have NO IDEA what I am in for yet! lol!

O'Brien--here are the answers to your questions:

1) I post my videos on You Tube and then add the little you tube video bar on the left side of my blog using an application that blogger offers on the layout page. Let me know if you want for me to walk you through it.

2) I use Picassa (a free downloadable google app.). It has it's limitations--like I can't choose the order that the pics go in--but, overall, it gets the job done. Just google it to find it! lol!

3) We get our toys from all over the place--and we prefer wooden toys so they can get expensive. I posted a few great wood toy sites under "mama's favorites" on the left bar of the blog. The stores here in Los Angeles that I frequent are "The Little Seed" on Larchmont, "Green and Greener" off of Ventura and I LOVE craig's list! I also have a lot of friends now with older kids and they lovingly pass along toys to me too. That's how I got that wire/bead toy. But, I believe that it is from IKEA--they also have a great selection of cheap wood toys!

Hope this helps!

Joni :)

O'Brien said...

Thanks for the info.....

We also like wood toys and have found some great ones at consignment shops but I'm always looking. We are getting an IKEA here in Colorado but I'll have to keep looking online for now.

Also looking forward to taking that wild rice salad on our camping trip labor day weekend!!!!


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