The Swiffer Scare: Post #3.

Some months ago I posted an inquiry into the safety and all-around "greeness" of the Swiffer wet mop, here. And after being contacted by the brand's Account Executive, Chelsea Moreno, I posted a copy of her e-mail to me regarding the issues that were raised, here.

Now, I am certainly one who is just fine with letting sleeping dogs lie. Despite her defense of the product by citing it's proved safety in the laboratory, we still decided to switch to a more natural and environmentally friendly floor cleaner. But, today, I stumbled upon a fascinating interview between Swiffer designer, Gianfraco Zaccai, and green design blogger, Jennifer Van Der Meer, about the product's design and sustainability, here.

It's a tad long, but incredibly interesting and, not surprisingly, reveals the mass market design communities' lack of acknowledgment of the effects their products have on the environment.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh, those swiffer execs are gonna be all up in your business. good for you, mama!

xo carrie


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