All In A Good Day's Play: Last Weekend's Edition.

As another weekend closes in upon us, I reflect back on the last weekend and prior week that was filled with snot, sleepless nights, and a junky chest cough.

Last week, Noah was visited by the first sickness in his short little life. 13 months of pink-cheeked health followed by one week of pure hacking agony. He caught a cold, that accumulated and moved into his chest about half way through the week resulting in one nasty rattling sputter. A runny nose combined with a collection of chest mucus made for a difficult week.

Dean and I were beside ourselves with worry--pouring over the internet everyday in search of information that would advise us of what the appropriate point in a cold is to visit the doctor. As a general rule of thumb, we are fairly untrusting of western medicine and its purveyors. Not because we think that they are particularly bad people out to harm those they are meant to heal, but because of the complex web of hurdles that makes their job really, really difficult to do with our true individualized best interests in mind. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, stock holders and law suits, just to name a few, have turned medical care into a generalized industry of preventative "herd" care.

Anyway, we really hate to go to the doctor prematurely. Instead we try to practice natural "preventative" care at home--eating well, washing hands, resting, vitamins-- and we use natural or homeopathic remedies first.

So, we waited and watched for the "signs" that could signal that it might be developing into an infection and luckily they never came. A few steam baths, vitamin C overloads, and doses of tender love and care later we were in the clear. And despite it all, after helping daddy with his dining room recording session, taking trips in between rain storms for fresh air by the turtle pond, and a little R&R with his hardbacks, we had our chipper little man back. Just in time for homemade sushi with friends Sunday night.

And, so here was our last weekend in pictures. Snot and all.

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