This Really Rocks . . . Too.

Back when Noah was 4 months old and began to notice that those two people who had been devoutly coddling his every squawk and whimper existed, I turned to my husband and said, "I like this age. 4 months really rocks." But then 5 and a half months came and went with that very same sentiment following Noah's first roll, and then at 7 when he began to crawl, and then 9, and then 12, and now, well, we're venturing into the 14th and I have to say that I said just it again last night.

But, I do. I love this age, it really rocks. 13 and three quarter months is so much fun. Noah Finn walks and talks and laughs and plays and interacts and splashes and goofs and giggles and has a sense of humor that sends me into gushy fits of oozing gooey mommy love.

And, the best thing of all is that I have a sneaking suspicion that it only is going to keep on getting better.


P.S. Visit the API Speaks blog for my third publishing that officially posted today--though you guys got a sneak peek at it here last week: "The Conscious Parent".


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